There are many ways to group people. With identity politics on the rise there is an ever increasing number of ways you can identify yourself and group affiliation. But what about regular people who are too busy working and looking after their family to care about all that? Most Kiwis are probably unaware of the “war” raging online between lefty and righty oriented commentators and influencers. Instead of bringing people together the drive for diversity and inclusiveness seems to have driven a wedge between many people. But still, the effects of all this go un-noticed by most. It tends to be only those with a great deal of free time that tend to get caught up in these virtual battlegrounds for morality.

Most Kiwis are too busy to notice, and rarely would it be worth our while taking time out from our farms, jobs, families and other things of importance to actually campaign against opposing ideologies. This is why it’s such a big deal when those who are the backbone of the country even contemplate protesting, or *gasp* as was recently suggested, revolution.

Think about it – how many times do we see gay rights activists on the streets, or unions picketing. Not to say that they are protesting valid points, but it is a fairly regular occurrence and wouldn’t strike you as out-of-the-ordinary at all. Plus, those demonstrations happen in big urban centers like Wellington so it is comparatively easy to organize and attend a protest. But now we have the prospect of a generally more conservative crowd willing to travel and stand up and protest the governments latest ban, and that hasn’t happened for quite some time. Not only that, but this isn’t a request for some new rights that shooters fancy, it is a response to being declared criminal and threatened with armed seizure of personal property. I can see how some have drawn a parallel between it and English treatment of colonial america in the 1770’s.

Jacinda and co. likely feel that there’s not really any opposition to her agenda-driven ban, but I think that’s because average hard-working Kiwi’s have a pretty high threshold and were hoping that common sense would prevail. Now that it is becoming clearer that common sense and justice have been abandoned for some perceived wellbeing, coupled with bullying and unjustified armed raids by the Police, we are going to see pushback. And because that threshold of action is much higher than your average union protest, we might see some very riled up protesters very soon and some very unpredictable outcomes.