This is more of a technical point, but during one of the police presentations to MPs in the leadup to the new firearms law it was observed that the member of police gave outright false information on the conversion of a firearm to a military style semi automatic. We’re picking on one example here, but it’s hardly an isolated case. It is hard to say whether this was intentional or whether the police simply lack the understanding required to accurately undertake such a demonstration, but the point stands that misinformation was given to MPs, which begs the questions of how much other misinformation was given behind closed doors to support the Prime Ministers push to ban semi-automatics.

The point in question for this article, though, was when the officer demonstrated an A-Category ar-15, complete with ‘thumbhole’ stock as required by the previous poorly-written legislation. The officer intended to demonstrate how easy it was to convert the A-Category firearm to a dreaded MSSA, and he did so by removing the two pins holding the upper and lower receiver together, breaking the firearm in half, and proceeding to replace the lower receiver with another that had a free-standing pistol grip, thus causing the rifle to become classified as MSSA.

The technically astute among you might have spotted the problem here. The Lower Receiver of an ar-15 is “the gun” and is the part which is stamped with a serial number and registered under the old E-Category license. You can swap out the top part with the barrel, foregrip and so on which are just parts, but you can’t swap the lower receiver because then it’s a different rifle with separate registration required if it was E-Category. So what we saw the officer in question do, in fact, was to present an A-Category firearm, then a second E-Category firearm, swapping the barrels over, and claim to MPs that he just converted an A-Category to an MSSA.

This is only a minor detail really, but is concerning to firearms ownersthat it is the Police providing incorrect information to MPs in an attempt to make firearms “more scary”, and say it’s likely representative of a culture of distorting truth to fit an agenda. Firearms owners trust in the Police is already at a low point, and they say it’s just another nail in the coffin containing the trust they once had in the Police administering firearms.