In a editorial piece two days ago, shooters of New Zealand are being lobbied to keep cool heads and drop talk of non-compliance with the firearms ban currently being organised by the government and police.

Firearms owners say they find it ironic that their own appeals for cooler heads during the rampage of legislation in March and April was completely ignored, with the Prime Minister even laughing at suggestions that shooters should be able to make submissions. Any submission not in support of the bill was thoroughly ignored while the Select Committee abandoned their usual responsibilities of deep investigation and understanding by simply rubber-stamping the proposed law. Firearms owners feel they were ignored and turned into criminals, facing at best financial loss or at worst time as guests of the Police for having committed no crime.

For a time, things looked rosy for the Prime Minister’s agenda. There were no protests and citizens were too scared to speak out for the repercussions of being labelled racist and accused of hate speech can be very real in today’s land of social media and social justice. Three months later though, the terrible actions carried out that day are no longer at the forefront of thought for most, and firearms owners who feel they have been ignored and had their rights trampled into the mud are able to express such opinions without having their character universally assassinated. Now that those expressions can be made public, shooters say it is laughable that they themselves are told they need to calm down when the very same calls in the other direction went entirely unheeded.

Many are saying it is not a time to calm down, it is the time to escalate resistance. Many people of New Zealand feel they need to let the government know that making law abiding citizens into criminals to fit a social agenda is not acceptable, no matter how many retweets one might get on twitter for the idea. They say it’s not about firearms, or what is a right or a privilege, it is about a dictatorial social justice agenda trampling rights of citizens, and it probably affects you too because you never know what they’ll be coming after next.