Recently we saw a leak of a draft of what the Labour-led coalition is proposing for the second round of changes to New Zealand’s firearm laws, and it looks like Jacinda Ardern, the Prime Minister of NZ and former President of the International Union of Socialist Youth, has licenced firearms owners squarely in her sights.

So much so, in fact, that the proposed bill fails to address any actual criminal use of firearms, save perhaps making it explicitly illegal to alter markings on a firearm. Hear that criminals? it’s illegal to file off the serial number. There. Crime is solved, right?

No. Crime is not solved, nor will it be with any of the new impositions proposed by the government on law-abiding owners. If reducing crime isn’t the aim of the bill, what is? well it certainly appears that the goal is to make firearm ownership, dealer ownership, and club operation too burdensome and thus defeat the “evil guns” by attrition.

The new law specifically states, right at the start, that firearms ownership is a privilege rather than a right. This is contradictory to the Bill of Rights and to common sense, with our politicians unfortunately keen on demonstrating a severe lack of the latter. The only reason Jacinda is trying to convince Kiwis that ownership is a privilege is to socialize the notion of removing firearms completely as per United Nations disarmament strategies.

Dealers and manufacturers are targeted heavily in the proposed legislation too. Manufacturers and suppliers of “prohibited” parts are exempted only if they existed prior to 12 April 2019, so by attrition there will be none left at some point in the future. Clubs too will face tougher restrictions and we’re already aware of some clubs and training ranges that will be obliterated and livelihoods destroyed. All of these new restrictions don’t affect the criminal element of society in the least – what we’re seeing is purely the desire of the anti-gun agenda to strangle firearms owners into submission, to the point where they’ll give up firearm ownership entirely because it’s “just too hard”.

Even airguns don’t escape unscathed. The proposed legislation gives the police power to demand surrender of airguns from people that don’t have firearms licences if they see fit. Currently you only need to be over the age of 18 to own an airgun and it seems contrary to the values of New Zealand to allow the police to confiscate them if they decide you’re “not fit and proper” under whichever interpretation the officer wishes to apply.

In a nutshell, the proposed legislation is all about making legal firearms ownership more difficult in a bid to starve private ownership out of existence. Fortunately, even some of the more lazy and weak-minded politicians can see the bill for what it is, which means there is an outside chance that it might not be forced upon us. Fingers crossed…