“Don’t listen to me! listen to the scientists!” Greta angrily exclaimed during her impassioned speech to the U.N. Great, because the scientists are most definitely not saying there is a climate change emergency. Yes, there is a a problem and we need to take is seriously, but an emergency? a supervolcano filling our atmosphere with ash would be an emergency. A meteor the size of Australia about to land on our heads is an emergency.

Producing too much plastics and greenhouse gases is not an emergency.

It is overwhelmingly obvious that humans are having an effect on this planet, and that we need to think more carefully and take the future into consideration when planning now in the present. Investment should be made into developing processes and technologies that will help us maintain our globe sensibly, but that is a far cry from the emergency that some are trying to declare.

So who is making the claim? politicians and activists are, and they’re telling our children that there is an overwhelming emergency that will start killing people in the next ten to fifteen years if we don’t fix it now. Then we have thousands of school children marching in the streets and the notion becomes an appeal to popularity – so many other people think it’s true that it must be true, right?

To be clear, it’s not the fault of the children being paraded in front of the U.N., nor is it the fault of the children in the streets protesting. Children trust what they are told by their parents and teachers, and if those parents and teachers tell them the earth is in dire straits and people will start dying within a decade or two then they would rightfully be upset. Imagine you believed that a decision made by your leaders could result in your death in the near future, and all they have to do is change that decision and save millions of lives – you’d be angry at your leaders, and you’d march, and you’d think that you were doing the right thing. We need to direct blame where it is due, and that is to the activists lying to our children, and those behind the curtain pulling strings, generally in an effort to cash in on climate change policies.

Yes, we need to fix our emissions. No, it is not an emergency. A panel of 500 scientists has said there is no emergency. And, despite our politicians best intentions, they are vastly under-qualified when it comes to making decisions about how to tackle the protection of our environment. Policies based on feelings and the ability to claim virtue points will always disappoint Mother Earth when it comes to actual results. We need smart people to take on this problem, which becomes an issue when you consider the infectious strain of anti-intellectualism that has been spreading across nations of the west in recent history.

So why are people pushing this agenda? well some have been suggested that environmentalism is a guise for socialism, and that may not be as far fetched as you might think. It could be argued that companies that are emitting greenhouse gases are more interested in the bottom line than the planet, and then it could be argued that the only way to really control those companies and stop the pollution is for the state to control them (as only dear leader knows best), and once a precedent has been set for the state to take control of private companies then you’ve started an avalanche. This is all speculation of course, but we need to be wary of those who twist reality as they inevitably have an ulterior motive for doing so. Ask yourself, since there isn’t an “emergency”, why are people claiming there is? and what do they hope to achieve? is it money? social control?

Whatever plans are afoot the chances of it being good for the average kiwi are not great, so we need to keep one eye on fixing the future, and the other eye on those trying to profit from it.